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Understanding the Journey: The Stages of Hearing Loss and Why Speech-Language-Hearing Month Matters

Understanding the Journey: The Stages of Hearing Loss and Why Speech-Language-Hearing Month Matters

Every year, the American Speech Hearing Association recognizes National Speech-Language-Hearing Month. Previously known as Better Hearing and Speech Month, the committee decided to change the name to foster more inclusivity.

The purpose of National Speech-Language-Hearing Month is to raise awareness for hearing and speech conditions. This year, the month of May is about educating the public about the importance of human communication and what we can all do to prevent and address communication disorders.

Hearing loss affects millions of people of all ages. When left untreated, hearing loss can not only affect your ability to hear, but to effectively communicate and recognize speech. While hearing loss may seem minor at first, it can negatively affect quality of life over time, leading to a multitude of problems.

What You Can Do During May

Because your hearing health and ability to communicate are so important, try these tips to observe National Speech-Language-Hearing Month.

  1. Educate Yourself: The more you know about hearing loss, the better you can be prepared for your or your loved one’s hearing loss journey. The symptoms, causes, and treatments for hearing loss can be different for everyone, but knowing the basics will help.
  2. Protect Your Hearing: Protecting your hearing should be a priority. One measure you can take is to limit your exposure to noises above 85 decibels. You can do this by avoiding noisy areas, lowering your volume when watching TV and listening to music, and wearing hearing protection when you can’t avoid loud noise.
  3. Visit a Hearing Specialist: Visiting a qualified local hearing healthcare provider is one of the best ways to participate in National Speech-Language-Hearing Month. Our team will evaluate your hearing and establish a baseline to compare future tests to determine if you are already experiencing hearing loss that can be managed with hearing aids.

National Speech-Language-Hearing Month is the perfect opportunity for you to start thinking about the importance of hearing and communication in your life and how you can best protect it. This is also a great reminder to check in with your loved ones who are experiencing hearing loss. Show them that you support their journey and help them feel less of the isolation that often comes along with hearing loss.

Focus on your hearing health this National Speech-Language-Hearing Month by contacting Hearing Health to schedule an appointment! We offer comprehensive services for the people of Lake Elsinore, Pasadena, Beverly Hills, and the surrounding areas to help you be proactive of your hearing health.