Comprehensive services for all your hearing needs.

Mature woman getting her hearing aid fitted

Hearing Tests

We offer comprehensive hearing tests for the people of Lake Elsinore, Huntington Beach, Pasadena, and the surrounding areas. A hearing test is painless, quick, and the only way to accurately diagnose hearing loss. During your visit, our team will perform a full audiological evaluation to assess your middle ear health, your hearing ability, and your speech recognition.

If you are struggling to hear soft sounds, conversations seem muffled, or you can’t hear well in crowded areas, then you should schedule a hearing test.

Mature man getting a hearing test at his local hearing center

Hearing Aid Evaluations

Every hearing loss is different, as is every solution. Our goal at Hearing Heal is to fit you with the right hearing aid that will help you with your unique needs. Using the results of your hearing test (audiogram), we will go over some hearing aid options that will match your degree of hearing loss, lifestyle, hearing goals, and budget.
Audiologist fitting a hearing aid

Hearing Aid Fittings

Our team are experts in hearing aid technology and can ensure your devices fit perfectly. Whether you just received a new pair of hearing aids, or you need an adjustment to your current devices, we can expertly fine-tune the settings to match your hearing prescription. For new hearing aids, we can also create custom fit earmolds to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

Hearing Aid Repairs

Hearing aids are small yet durable devices designed to withstand everyday wear. However, like any technology, sometimes they need to be repaired. If your hearing aids are providing weak or no sound, sound seems distorted, or they are whistling, bring them in. We can fix these issues quickly with a tune-up. If your hearing aids have suffered severe damage and are broken, we will have to send them to the manufacturer to be repaired.

It is recommended that you bring your hearing aids in every six months for a professional, deep cleaning. This will ensure your hearing aids last you for many years.

Earwax Removal

Earwax, medically called cerumen, is a key component of healthy ears. However, sometimes earwax can build-up inside the ear canal and become impacted. Common signs of impacted earwax include clogged ears, muffled hearing, fullness in the ears, or hearing loss. We offer safe and effective ear cleaning solutions to remove earwax.
Woman happy to hear clearly after her earwax removal

Hearing Protection

Everyday sounds may seem safe, but they can actually be harmful to hearing. City traffic, live music, motorcycles, and power tools are examples of loud noise that can permanently affect hearing ability. If you are exposed to loud noise, it’s best to wear some form of hearing protection, such as earplugs, ear molds, or in-ear monitors. At our hearing clinic, we can create custom fit hearing protection to keep your ears safe from loud noise. Wearing hearing protection is one of the best ways to prevent hearing loss and to ensure you can hear well for many years.

Tinnitus Management

Have you ever heard a buzzing, ringing, or humming sound in your ears that seemed to be unexplained? It’s probably tinnitus. Tinnitus, also known as “ringing in the ears,” affects millions of people. The phantom sounds can be loud or quiet, constant or occasional, and can range in pitch and tone.

Unfortunately, there is no tinnitus treatment that can stop ringing in the ears. However, there are management options that can help. At Hearing Heal, we carry hearing aids with a tinnitus masking feature. With masking hearing aids, you can play soothing sounds in your ears – controlled from an app on your phone – to distract your brain from tinnitus.

If you have persistent tinnitus that is affecting your quality of life, contact us today.